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Information Security Awareness and Training for Enterprises


According to IBM, 95% of information security incidents involve human error. It doesn’t matter how many technical protective measures you have for your infrastructure if employees who use this infrastructure on a daily basis are not properly trained. Human beings are the weakest link and the largest security vulnerability in every business. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be particularly vulnerable to fraud due to tough economic conditions and limited resources.


Touchgood provides complete turnkey services and programs to educate employees the dangers of phishing, online scams, and various other security concerns that should be a required “First Line of Security” component of every business organization. This approach helps enterprises create a strong human firewall and thus invest in the future of your business and in the security of your customers, suppliers, employees, and partners.

Our services include

  • Security awareness strategy development

  • Security awareness training

  • Security awareness campaigns

Why choose us

  • Saving money with the right measures and saving time in training your employees

  • Short implementation time through direct communication and quick deployment

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