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Film, Animation, and Digital Content Audit


A content provider's failure to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and public decency can affect its revenue, which can lead to loss of reputation, business opportunities, and valuation.


Touchgood provides film, animation, and digital content audit to film producers, streaming video companies, publishing houses, media agencies, etc. to ensure 100% published content follows legal compliance, cultural sensitivity, historical accuracy, which helps our clients deliver the most accurate and efficient content. Through the process of systematically reviewing by a professional consulting team in various areas, Touchgood commits to becoming a reliable content advisor accompanying producers on the journey to conquer Vietnamese audiences and turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Our consultant

Ms. Tra-My Nguyen

Film, Animation and Digital Content Audit Consultant

Ms. Anh-Thu Nguyen

Film, Animation and Digital Content Audit Consultant

Anh Thư.png

Why choose us

  • Offering films classification service to ensure that it is in line with community standards and social norms, thereby help your business save money, minimize risks of being refused classification by authorities, as well as drive to tangible profit results.

  • Saving time and human resources due to outsourcing the content audit process.

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