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Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies for Schools


Over 50% of mental illnesses start before the age of 14 and 1 in 10 children and young people has a mental health disorder. Especially at the onset of the COVID pandemic and the subsequent exponential rise in internet use, digital culture and social media are an integral part of children's and young people's lives, which has the potential to significantly increase stress and amplify the effects of bullying. 

The relationship between digital technology and mental health is complex. To address these problems, schools need to take action. With expertise in education, psychology, and Internet safety, touchgood offers a comprehensive school counseling program to enhance teachers’ mental health support literacy and capacity to support students' mental health in the digital era. 

Our services include

  • Teachers’ mental health support literacy and capacity enhancement

  • Counselors’ mental health support literacy capacity improvement

  • Outsourcing digital mental health counseling

  • Digital mental health newsletters subscription

Here’s what you get

Training workshops

A series of training sessions for teachers and counselors based on every school needs to provide the foundation and how to support students coping with mental health problems in cyberspace.



An expert-designed handbook on knowledge and skills related to digital mental health and well-being.


Role-play simulations

Simulation sessions are conducted between

participants (teachers, counselors) and consultants to translate knowledge into practice.


24/7 Assistance

Teachers and counselors receive counseling therapy 24/7 within 3 months after delivering training courses


Part-time counselor

Our consultant will work as a non-official school’s staff to deliver support line and remote counseling via teletherapy, and enhance mental care management.



Developing communications activities targeting students and teachers through providing information (leaflets, etc.) and workshops, etc. to raise awareness about digital mental health care.

Our consultant

Ms. Thuy-Anh Luu

Positive Psychology and Digital Well-being Consultant

LTA (updated).jpeg

Why choose us

  • Teachers and counselors proactively equip themselves with knowledge about mental wellness in cyberspace - a new topic that is profoundly influencing students, thereby enabling the school to pioneer in protecting and supporting students quickly and effectively.

  • Touchgood is the first Vietnamese agency to offer specialist services on Digital Mental Health and Well-being. Our comprehensive services target all stakeholders in the school having impacts on students both directly and indirectly, as well as support and accompany participants at least 3 months after the training course.

  • Schools cultivate and strengthen trust with parents, students, and other stakeholders about a dynamic and healthy learning environment, particularly in light of the significant effect of technology and the Internet.

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