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Customer Research and Evaluation


In an ever-changing world, consumer needs, and expectations are rapidly evolving. Enterprises must understand these shifts, and respond quickly to them. According to Forrester, 70% of projects fail due to lack of user acceptance. Touchgood’s customer research consultants help brands and enterprises take products from good to great through a human-centered design approach, keeping the focus on customers and converting their needs into actionable

Our services include

  • Research and assessment

  • Custom training for teams 

  • Dedicated user research consultants

Our consultant

Ms. Gennie Nguyen

Human-Computer Interaction Consultant


Why choose us

  • In-house experts at user audits, user testing, and user journey creation

  • Our consultant increasing clients’ ROI through measuring the effectiveness of user experience and improving your product’s business performance.

  • Your business can optimize time and resources spent on design, research, and engineering by prioritizing product design and development efforts.

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